I think this -high rise sweater /top tuck -has everything to do whether or not it flatters your body type rather than some likeing it or not.

I personally love this look and many here pull it off beautifully but it doesn’t love me back.. I have very long limbs, both legs and arms . Although not quite 5’4 I am not considered tall however all my height is in my legs so elongating my long legs and shortening my short body is not something that works . The proportion/balance is completely off .

If I was just -slightly -short waisted but also had short legs I think I could at least try to pull this look off.

I tuck blouses and tee type tops- or my version of shirts. I can’t see myself tucking sweaters - unless very thin weight. Normally when wearing a sweater I have a layer under neath and I strongly dislike two tops being tucked - it feels fussy to me and being sway backed my tops move around and I feel messy.

It can look good but on me it does not feel good.

Yay to tops that sit nicely at the waist.

I kinda like the way it looks sometimes but it’s not something that works on me.

I tuck thin sweaters also but do not have any “ high waisted jeans”. I need s regular waistband and belt. I think the thicker sweaters semi- tucked on models can look fun but often is not practical. I don’t semi- tuck at work, ever, so it’s all out, or all in.

I used half tuck tops and shirts into my mid rise pants or jeans. Since I wear higher rise now, I don’t. And it is not about being slim, I wear 26 in jeans. Higher rise accentuate my round belly and short wais. Not a great look. How I see it, one needs a longer torso and a flat stomach to pull it off - one needs to look like Angie

Irina - exactly.

La Pedestrienne, I generally agree with you in this matter.

I don't mind how others wear their tops, but personally, I have a long rise, high hips and a short-looking mid section, and these factors might be the reasons why I feel best when wearing most tops--in particular sweaters-- untucked.

I recently "inherited" a relatively short turtleneck sweater with a broad welt and I just love how perfect it fits my long but curvy body.

Didn't you post about thin ribbed tops earlier this season? How about tucking in one of those, with a cardigan, maybe one of the lovely ones Meredith posted, over it. Unbuttoned, the cardi would show off the high waist, crotch jewelry (ie button fly), etc.

Angie's comment re Christina's wording made me giggle and reminds me of one of my very early posts when Sal said something like "you don't look like a tucker to me. I'm not a tucker". That made me look again, lol.

I like the look of tucked tops in high rise jeans but I would find thick sweaters tucked in my jeans uncomfortable. I tuck my tops if they are a thin gauge. I have tried to semi-tuck but end up looking like I don't know how to get dressed. It is all or nothing when tucking is concerned. Style Bee did a post on Fisher Sweaters and semi tucked one. I thought I would never be able to pull that off without looking ridiculous. Of course, she looked incredible.

Style Fan, yes, I remember seeing Style Bee's post on the Tradlands sweater and thinking, "there's no way that sweater would stay semi-tucked into my jeans all day." In general I find her reviews very helpful since we're a similar age, size, and complexion, and I love her style.

FashIntern, I'm happy to tuck in just about anything -- tees, shirts, turtlenecks. I almost always tuck my ribbed turtlenecks because they're fitted and look weird sitting on top of the fly. It's when I see knitwear with a fair amount of bulk tucked in that I roll my eyes a little. It just looks uncomfortable and unnecessary to me.

Sal, you hit the nail on the head! It's the layers. If I'm wearing a sweater, it's an outer layer with a tee /tank/cami underneath, or sometimes a shirt. Having multiple layers tucked seems like a hassle.

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UmmLila, I LOVE those Doen Bernadette cardigans! So pretty.

The Cat, Irina, Taylor and Lisa, I think you're right that body type matters. In general I enjoy the look of a high waist and a tucked-in shirt as long as the lines are clean. But if the material is thick or stiff, and bunches up or poofs out when it's tucked in, then I'd much rather see it as a boxy top worn loose an untucked.

Unfrumped, I'm with you on the practicality issue.

Um, yes, about those multiple layers--you apparently don't tuck in everything, and with good reason. My suggestion was that if the outer layer could be opened down the front, then you'd get the benefits of tucking (visible high waistline) without all that bulk tucked in.

AFTER you pointed this out, I see it everywhere now. It looks so bulky and so uncomfortable. Never will I do that. Never, I says!!!!!!!

I so agree about this look being uncomfortable and I’m never sure if people manage to tuck with their normal size or go up a size to accommodate a jumper but then it’s too loose for wearing anything else with. The only time I’ve managed this successfully was with a skirt that sat on my hips but Icould do a full tuck with a jumper and it sat alittle higher up but was still comfy.All my other skirts,and trousers will not accommodate me and a jumper inside them!