I'm casually shopping for a couple light-coloured sweaters for spring, and I keep seeing models wearing their sweaters tucked into high-waisted pants. I get it that the high rise looks current, yadda yadda, but to my eye this looks a little ridiculous, and comes off as "old sweater, new pants". And also, just downright uncomfortable. I can't imagine going through a whole day with something as bulky as a sweater tucked into the waistband of my jeans. It also clues me in that these sweaters might be a little too long for me with my short torso and closet full of high-rise pants.

What I'd like to see is more sweaters with deep welts to go with high-waisted pants *and* with midi skirts. It would be so much more intentional looking and waaay more wearable. If anyone has leads on welted cotton sweaters in pale spring colours (or very faded earth tones), let me know!

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