Hello all! New poster here! What a lovely forum.
I'm a little stumped on my Kibbe body type-- and would love any help figuring this out!
Photos here of me and some potential matching body types: https://photos.app.goo.gl/gdSh6hTJQ9u2N4fu9

I'm 5'5, about 117 pounds, and with a mix of athletic and soft build.
My face and body are a mix of ying and yang. Pics below.

  • My face is mix of soft (cheeks/pointed chin) and prominent/harsher features (nose and eyes).
  • Body is a mix of lean athletic and soft, with a fairly strong vertical line--
    • I have a very lean/narrow top frame but with a larger chest.
    • I also have a slightly thicker bottom half.
  • Overall quite proportional, with small waist and standard hips, thin arms and head.

My result:
I thought I'd be a soft dramatic because of my mix of yin and yang all over + facial features + big hair. However, I don't feel as "lengthy" as the examples, nor do i feel like my body is as broad/fleshy.

Any thoughts would be appreciated -- and any styling tips you have!