I've been looking through the preview every so often. And also thinking about my current situation. Funds are a bit limited, last month included a new water heater and other plumbing stuff. Then two weeks ago, an trip to emergency vet for Tuey, she doing somewhat better.
We are now required to wear protective eyewear at work, so makeup is completely pointless, because I'll sweat it off in when I'm in plastic gowns. Stopped wearing any kind of jewelry, because if I do go into a COVID room, we have to take all that off, including our badges.
I am getting maskne (acne from facial masks). We got an email suggesting exfoliation and extra moisturizers.
But also like Kari mentioned, larger sizes are slim pickings.
I need more workout gear for PT (injured my back, again, Yay. Different nerve root). Lounge wear, Im not sure about. Phone bag would be very useful, but I'm not sure if I'm enthralled with this particular one. Might look for another bum bag in a different style/color.
Also I'd like a more urban backpack, but this one, I don't think is quite right.
Shoes, normally my kryptonite, very meh. I think I need another pair of workout sneakers, but I'll probably go to an athletic store or REI