Love the boots! I hope you find the right size for you

Gorgeous boots! So perfect for your style.

I love the look of these and really hope the 8.5 give you the perfect fit because if they do you will be living in these beauties. Absolutely your style! I would happily wear these with skirts and dresses as I don't think there is too mach ankle gape on them.

Reviving this old thread to update — we got home from our travels today and the Kori booties in the half-size down (the larger of my two usual sizes) that Saks had in stock were here waiting for me. Despite my jet lag, I tried them on and they are definitely better than the larger size from Nordstrom. Pics won’t really show a difference, but just judging from a quick try-on, I think these will be keepers.

I had also ordered these Calvin Klein boots to try, but they didn’t make the grade for me — I love the color and style, but the material is plasticky and stiff, and they are not comfortable. That’s ok, I’m happy with the Kori boots!

They are very cool booties and look great on you My concern, for me, would be the thin sole - I know from experience that I would scuff the toes with my klutziness! But this may not be a concern for you. And they say higher quality leather should scuff better?

YAY. Welcome home sweet Janet, and SO glad you persisted to get the right size in those boots. Reunited with your doggie babies.

Good for you! Show when you can.


Thanks for the welcome back and the confirmation, all!

I decided to wear them around the house today to be sure (I’m doing laundry, mail, unpacking, etc), and they feel good! I like how they look with skinnies, straight legs and bootcuts. So glad I finally tried these. Keeping for sure!

They look great, workhorses for sure

I totally missed this the first time around, so I'm glad you did revive it. Funny story... I have never seen heels like this until yesterday, when not only did I see your thread, but I also saw someone on my way into work with booties that may have had the exact same heel. i had to do a double take (but was driving so couldn't look closely).

Love these for you... what a great way to get some interest/edge in a pair of otherwise fairly plain boots. Glad they are working out!

Was hoping for an update! So ultimately how does the size you got compare to your usual size? One half size larger?

These are awesome, so glad the smaller size fit better:)

JG, I typically wear an 8 or 8.5 but these days am choosing an 8.5 more often with pointier or more tapered toes or slimmer cut footwear, just to give a little extra comfort — especially for boots or shoes that I plan to wear with socks. (Sandals and sockless choices I still wear an 8 most of the time.) I add insoles to many shoes and boots to help fill in the extra room and provide more cushioning.

I could probably wear these in an 8 if I only planned to wear very thin hosiery and no insoles, but the larger of my two sizes (the 8.5) is plenty comfortable without having too much extra room. I wore them all day yesterday with some substantial wool socks and they felt great.

As gorgeous as they get and I love the toe shape. So happy you found your size, Janet. Your checked pants are cute, too.