Lately I've been inspired by posts here (hello, Claire of the gorgeous 10-item wardrobe) and elsewhere in blogosphere to try Project 333. The original concept is 33 items (including outwear, shoes, and accessories) for 3 months. Janice of The Vivienne Files modified hers to 33 items excluding outwear, shoes, and accessories.

I was aiming for Janice's numbers but I don't have quite that many clothes (I came up with 22 pieces for this first go-around). Where I have extras is in jewelry and scarves. Not hugely much, but it will come to more than 33 total. No biggie, I figure.

Background story: we move every 2-3 years (husband is in the Air Force) and our latest three moves were across the ocean, meaning very different climates, plus a lifestyle change, plus I don't work when we're overseas. This means my wardrobe needs change with every move but it takes me close to a year to figure out a better approach. That means I either buy for a life I don't have (because I'm still mourning the one I left behind), which is a waste, or I don't buy at all because I don't want to make a mistake, which still leaves me with an inadequate wardrobe.

I decided to give Project 333 a try to get a better handle on what it is that works for me, what doesn't, which combinations are best, and why etc. I plan to document my daily outfits for reference. I wrote a blog post about this and plan to write weekly updates. I am hoping that with a small cohesive wardrobe I will either have no issues after a move (wishful thinking, probably) or I'll be able to identify and meet new needs faster in the future.

Anyone else doing Project 333? What are your experiences? Has anyone done it and decided it wasn't the way to go?

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