Awesome! I'm so glad you're getting it!

I am really hoping your husband will like this, it's appropriate, flattering and the ease of it really suits you.

Fresh and so pretty!

Isabel - I’ve decided he doesn’t need to see it before I wear it.

He may or may not like it, but when I decided not to look more once I had it in hand, I’ll seek my approval here instead. It will be very comfortable too, and I like that it’s different than what I’ve worn in the past. The sales lady said I looked very confident in it, so she could tell I felt good.

Next, like Angie said, I’ll need to sort out shoes and jewelry. I will probably need to get new shoes, since I’ve recently given up heels over 1 1/2 inches, and that means pretty much all of my dressy shoes are now gone. The length of the pants is quite long. I’ll definitely need to test out the shoes with the outfit to make sure length is appropriate.

The memories of jumpsuits in various bathrooms (in places far less elegant than where your parents are likely to celebrate) are making me laugh, but this looks great on you. I like that it works in the slit sleeves in a somewhat understated way. Whatever your husband would say about k/r, I’m sure he’ll be a fan once he sees you in the whole outfit.

Angie’s shoes in today’s blog might work. The heel is under 2”. But there’s also the idea of shoes with pattern/embroidery as shown on the store’s website.

For underneath the jumpsuit, why not a bodysuit? They are much less likely to wrinkle or scoot around than camis.

Fashiontern - I looked at Angie’s shoes from her Christmas outfit. I do think those would look nice. I would like to make sure whatever I get is going to be able to work into my future wardrobe.

As far as a bodysuit, I also considered that, but those are another tricky item when you have a long torso. Just thinking about going to the bathroom with both a jumpsuit and a bodysuit sounds intimidating.
I’m likely to find a pretty bra in close to matching color or even black and call it a day. I don’t mind the peek of skin in back. Its very subtle. It’s only the underarm I want to make sure looks ok. It’s all adding up to a lot of shopping I wasn’t planning to do right now.

I like the idea of a pretty bra in a similar colour. I am looking at a Chantelle one TITDF.