Wonderful! This necklace and collar shape combination, along with the dress colour, really bring out your eyes.

Thanks again for the nice comments on my bathroom pics! It is rare for me to get out for fun these days...

Lisa P, the place was called Ardo, and yes, TO. http://www.ardorestaurant.com

I'm late to this but that necklace is fabulous! Perfect with the simple blue dress.

Great to see you Suz!! Loving the Nouveau necklace with the slash neckline which I wouldn't have guessed. I bet that fringey scarf looks awesome with your hair.

Aida, right? I didn't think it would work, either. I think it is because the necklace has a fair bit of adjustability. So you can tinker with the length to make it work in different ways.

You look beautiful! The dress, your hair, that necklace - perfection!

My favorite sweater dress never lets me down. It's red and blue plaid and it was an Angie pick from (I think) two years ago. It still looks like new, I just put it on and go, and it can be either casual or dressy, and because of all the red it looks festive this time of year.

So good to see you, Karie, and I remember and love that dress.

Caro!! Miss you!!!!

Channeling European movie star dining out. You look absolutely gorgeous.

Ooh, great bling! Very tastefully done. I'll have to check out similar necklaces at BR...your outfit makes me want one.

I would never have thought to wear that type of necklace with that neckline. You are a genius!

What a lovely outfit! Perfect dress and neckless! Incredibly chic. I can imagine it looks wonderful with the scarf and coat - so modern and fresh.

Happy holidays Suz! The neckline of the dress is very graceful and I love the bling you added.