Absolutely understood Angie. Never considered this as anything other than a bad fit. Who ever knows? Just reporting it as I see it And I'm totally teasing about the J Crew pant fit. That was written before you replied . Pants are so individual, and I have no fears of them other than my own unpredictable size being a factor.

Lisa, measure your shoes. I got an 8 1/2 because I need inserts for my inured foot. they measure 10 7/8 inches by 3 1/2 inches at the widest point. This is the right shoe measured on the sole.

Lisa so sorry about your order. I have been tempted many times by items at Nordstroms but just wont order as it's such a hassle and costly exercise should I have to return. We don't seem to incur duties etc but the shipping it self can be a little over the top.