I received my very first Nordstrom order today. I'll hand it to them for being quick and efficient, as I only ordered a few days ago, but opening the box yielded major disappointment.
For paying all that money in duties (I think it was $45 on top of shipping and exchange), I'm ashamed for having been so enthusiastic and throwing my usual caution over on-line shopping to the wind.

1. The Trouve pointy-toe sneakers are WAY too big. I ordered an 8, my usual size . These are not only really long, but really wide. I'm not sure I'll exchange for another size, as it seems a little risky. The leather is also a lot stiffer than I imagined given my experience with a pair I have and love from Michael Kors.

2. The teal sweater is perfectly nice in cut, but the colour is markedly different and far less vibrant than in the picture. It's quite a dusty -looking teal, which is not what I was expecting. I'll have to try it on with a few things, and the cost of returning it will likely indicate keeping it if it fits.

I also ordered a VC tube skirt in a cute muted animal-ish print, and thank god that one worked.

I think this has cured me of any Nordstrom /Trouve ordering for now. Sorry to be a downer - I hate having wasted money this way.