Some great pictures--thanks for sharing. Glad you enjoyed the trip so much. Your capsule seems about right-sized to me--I don't really think about laundry midtrip until it's closer to 2 weeks, but having a clean shirt to wear most days, except for maybe a couple, sounds good to me, as does 2-3 days for each of the bottoms (I'm counting dresses as both). I have not yet been blessed with the scent of sea lions in my nostrils, don't know if I really want it...

Wonderful trip and travel capsule! My son and I drove from Portland Oregon to San Francisco a few years ago. We took a week to do it. The scenery is absolutely amazing. You were smart to bring a puffer to San Francisco; I didn’t and about froze to death, in July! Thanks for letting us vicariously experience your trip.

Your trip brings back a lot of great memories for me. These are some of my favorites places ever, especially Mendocino and Humboldt counties.

Wow, what a fabulous trip, the photos are stunning and your perfectly curated wardrobe came through with everything you needed all packed up in the most beautiful leather bag. You made me smile about the smell of the seals.

Ooh, I recognize a few of these places! What a fantastic trip, and great job planning and packing for it. The photos are beautiful.

And now you have me dreaming of traveling to the west coast. Years and years ago, we drove from SF down to LA, and than years later i did the LA to San Diego. So much to see
And your packing ability is incredible. When confronted with extreme weather like that, i tend to over pack, thinking every day will be one or the other, you managed to find the right balance

Sloper, I'm already wishing to be out seeing new sights again, but alas, it seems like a good time to lie low again until infection numbers start dropping.

Firecracker, I did feel pretty in tune with the setting wherever we were...not sure how much of that was an actuality, and how much was just being comfortable in my own style. Either way, it was a nice feeling.

Fashintern, I think this 11-day trip was more or less at my logistical limit for not doing laundry. I packed every pair of underwear I own!

Windchime, I think that stretch of southern Oregon/northern California was the MOST beautiful part!

Kate, almost every county in California felt like a new state.

Bijou, that bag was an NAS purchase several years ago! It's one of my favorite possessions.

Janet, after much debate, I decided not to bring my DSLR on this trip and took all my pics with the iPhone. I was really happy with how well it did, although it's hard to take a bad photo of such beautiful places.

kkards, while we've driven from LA to San Diego, it's been YEARS (long before moving here). A long weekend trip down there is definitely on the agenda for sometime in the next year. (And honestly, the packing is sort of an advantage of not having a lot of clothes...I packed the majority of what I own.)

Absolutely gorgeous pics, and your wardrobe was so harmonious, versatile, and perfect! Thanks for sharing these.

Ah- you stopped at some of my favorite places. My sisters and I had so much fun watching the seals. .Terrific packing! Beautiful pics. Sounds like a great trip.