I’m in the Netherlands for another 5 days, so spending more time with my sweet Dad this trip. Greg and Sam are holding the fort back home in Seattle. Here are the first three days. Brother visited from London, and Inge from Antwerp. The best part of the trip!

Travel capsule is the usual thing. Lots of colour. Fortunate with beautiful weather. It’s between 26 and 32 Celsius daily. No rain. Lots of sun. Lots of walking. Between 18,000 and 20,000 steps a day. Comfy footwear is all important. All authentic in action shots of outfits.

Finds show two new Fall & Winter purchases. Super fun trendy jeans from COS that are nice and different from what I have, and a gorgeous moss green scarf from Dutch boutique Sylver. Both beautiful quality. Love them soooo much! Inge hit the jack pot with her shopping. I’m sure she’ll show you soon

Fall fashion report: EARTH TONES EVERYWHERE. Trending footwear is all about sneakers, mega chunky sneakers, Dr. Martens type boots, Western boots, haute hiking boots, Chelsea boots. Most flat or up to an inch and a half.

On the street: lots of dresses, skirts, cropped pants and white jeans for Summer. All colours and neutrals covered. Some wide crops and wide pants too. Everyone in sneakers or flat sandals. Very few pairs of shorts - even on the youngsters. Haven’t seen a pair of flip flops yet either.