feel funny writting a review of a bra but, i figured this is a brand that probably many of us haven't tried.
a few weeks ago, i was in Nordies cutting thru the lingerie dept when i saw a bralette and for some reason was inspired to try it....they didn't have that one in my size, but the SA suggested that i try this True and Co bra (started as a online only company, i think Nordies is the only place you can buy in store)....i've now worn it 4 or 5 times....and the verdict is in...Love it...it's not prefect, but its pretty darn close...

~most comfortable bra i've ever owned
~really does "disappears underneath clothing"
~has removeable pads that you place or not, making the bra work for your shape
~fabric is comfortable and light- even on 90F days when outside
~provided support and shape, but looks natural

~its a pull over
~its got those removeable pads...need to keep track of them in the wash...and then fuss with them when you put the bra on....

Yes, the cons are the same things that make it what it is....what can i say.
i wear a pretty small band, but i'm a D cup...so i will say, i'm not sure how this would work for larger bands, but i would recomemned trying it if you are looking for a comfortable bra....