I've been thinking about how much I love wearing light blue, and after reading all the positive comments I got on a recent WIW, I'm focusing on the light blue lightweight trench I currently own. It's a bit worn, the belt is permanently wrinkled, and I've though about replacing it for a while. Light blue coats are not usually widely available.

Find #1 is the coat I have now - a DKNY petite I've had for 5+ years. It's a bit darker than the other ones I'm showing.

I saw find #2 yesterday and the color is beautiful, called "fog", and is available in petite sizes. With fitted coats, I always need a petite size to get the proportions right. This style seems somewhat trendy, especially he double-collar thing. I'm not sure this style is classic enough to go the distance, I might get tired of it.

Find #3, the double breasted one, is a much more classic style but NOT available in the "fog" color in a petite size. It is however available in a lavender/lilac in petite sizes. That color might interest me. It comes in some other colors that do not interest me, including a slightly green "seaglass". I've done a quick search at other sites and found no petites in the "fog" color.

My spring season is quite short, my lifestyle is very casual, and I don't find myself wearing my existing coat all that often, although that could be because it feels old/worn. INeither my existing coat nor any of these new options are water-resistant, which is too bad because my springs are pretty rainy. .

What has been your experience in buying classic vs. trendy trench coats?