I'm on the hunt for a trench coat for an upcoming trip - mid April I'm headed to visit a friend in Switzerland, and then I'm off to Paris for a few days and hoping to do some major shopping!

I was originally looking at black or navy options but in my recent efforts to visually lighten-up my wardrobe I'm seeking a lighter option, cream or pale gray maybe.

The Calvin Klein one here is a lovely blush but a no-go: I was swimming in the medium that I ordered, felt bulky (I'm an apple), and didn't love the snap buttons - I'd prefer real ones. I'll mostly be wearing the eccos (or something similar if those don't fit) or short black heeled boots, and I have a navy bag, so I'm not married to any single color.

Anybody have a great trench recommendation? London Fog has done well for me in the past, might try them again. Would love suggestions!