I am heading off to Saudi Arabia tomorrow evening.

Although I have given considerable thought to my travel capsule it has been challenging because I have had to eliminate the "third piece" from just about everything I might wear during the day. This is because the temperatures will be in the 80s Fahrenheit and because I will be wearing an obligatory third piece (an abaya or black poly cloak) over just about everything anyway.

I went to the salon for last minute color and cut, and did an gel mani and pedi. I figure the parts of me that are showing better look good. This is also the reason for having lots of shoes!

My color scheme is black, white, grey, blush for the most part with some outliers. The collection below represents just the newer stuff. Color outliers are because I I am taking a lot of lightweight tops in linen, cotton or viscose knit. Most of these are old pieces, not in Finds. I am assuming that I will need almost a new top every day for 2 weeks due to getting hot and sweaty. I am taking 6 pairs of pants, one of which is the AG prima 360 jeans that will be my 13 hour flight pjs both ways. And a black wide crop, black linen track pant, olive chinos (to be rolled up) and blush chinos (rolled up), and white jeans (not the ones in finds but Emerson Fry).

I also have a chemise dress from White House Black Market, a white cotton blazer from the same place, and a silvery taupe metallic cardigan from J Crew. Those are for backup situations if it's cold at night or in A/C, or if a dressy occasion arises.

The handbag is not my first choice, as I have a blush / black / taupe color block bag that would go better color-wisw however the size of this pink and white one will allow me to fit everything I need on the plane. I have a magenta Longchamp Pliage bag in the suitcase.

To the airport, since it's still cold in NH and Massachusetts: AG prima 360 jeans, black coated moto jacket, pink puffer vest and long sleeve grey t shirt.

This is a lot of stuff but due to light weight, it all fits.
I'm hoping to post some photos while I'm away so will let you know if it's working!