Ooh boy this is a doozy for me.
So over a year ago I put down a deposit for a photography tour in Mongolia. It starts at the end of September, and goes for 12 days. Including going to the Golden Eagle Festival
I decided if I was going that far away from the US I wanted to see a bit more of Asia. Originally I wanted to fly to Beijing, do the tourist thing for a few days and get over jet lag, then take the Trans-Mongolian train to Ulaanbaatar. Unfortunately the train schedule doesn't work with the date I need to meet up with the group.
So I decided to spend about a week in Beijing, then fly to Ulaanbaatar.
But here's the kicker. After the tour ends in Mongolia, I'm flying directly to Vancouver, BC (via Seoul) to present at a conference. It's the same conference I presented at last fall, mostly surgeons. The doctor that is running the conference this year is the same one I presented for last year. I told him the travel plans (he was like why Mongolia?), but said he'd put me on schedule late in the day, which is about 1 1/12 days after I arrive.
The Mongolian photo trip packing list is pretty much all gear. The weather appears to be in the 40-50's F (8-12C), and below freezing at night.
I have these hiking tights already in black


These are ridiculously soft and comfortable (in heather grey)


This hat in black
And this big backpack for camera gear and spare clothes
https://www.rei.com/product/14.....ack-womens (tour group recommended 30-50L) Extensive phone conversation with very helpful REI person and we settled on this, and part of it detaches, to be a smaller bag.
And am collecting other gear from the REI sale.
Have fleece, goretex jacket, hiking boots
The weather in Beijing will be much warmer, 70's (mid 20's C).
Considering ordering this
And using quick dry shirts, that can work as under shirts in Mongolia.
But then there's the conference in Vancouver. I could conceivably send a small bag with the doctor, but that might weird and asking too much.
I could buy something in Vancouver, but that is highly risky.
I could have a friend ship a box to the hotel in Vancouver (but $$?)
Or I could try and pack something that doesn't take much space. Altheta has these pieces (finds below). I could probably use the pants in Beijing. But maybe the skort with tights could work, ableit the skort is kinda short. And oh crud footwear
I'm open to all suggestions, including color schemes.