I marvel at those of you who can travel for a week or two without checking a bag. I’m not one of you, unfortunately.

I have an upcoming trip of approximately two weeks. We have to minimize our luggage somewhat. I will be wearing gear every day. No jeans, only hiking pants or water proof pants and long underwear. On top I thought about long sleeve cotton tees, layered with fleece, an insulated layer, and a waterproof shell. A year or so ago, I bought several pairs of super stretchy nylon undies. These can be rinsed out and hung to dry.

My problem is the tees and socks. They are bulky. My original plan was to take six pairs of socks, and six tees. I figured that no one would be super clean (although we will have bathing facilities available), so I would wear the socks again after airing out. I just can’t picture myself wearing a tee I already wore. Do you do this on a trip? Do I just need to get over it? Please advise.