Just finished a week in Australia. I was on the run and in meetings most of the time, but did have last Sunday for tourism in Melbourne, and Friday night in Sydney.

I had a few challenges packing for this trip:
- trying to gauge the season (how many layers? Heavy coat? Blazers enough?)
- not wanting to have to think much about clothes. I knew I’d be jet lagged and wouldn’t want to deal with fit issues.
- making it all work in a carryon.

Finds below, missing 3 items: black converse, black EF t-shirt, orange jCrew peplum top, workout t-shirt

My takeaways for the week:
- Heavy jacket was too much. Could have brought a lighter trench, but was lucky it wasn’t really needed.
- Liked switching between the 2 suits to have variation - they are very different fabrics and cuts
- Didn’t wear the skirt, but liked having the option.
- Should have swapped the JCrew top for another teal option. I packed it so that if I was bored with the options I could add color. But when I reached for it, it didn’t feel right. May be time to retire.
- Glad I brought an extra top as I had a pen explode on the JCrew top, making it unwearable the rest of the trip.
- Converse were the hero of the trip. 5 miles Sunday and 3.5 Friday and no feet issue.
- workout goals worked! 3 trips to the gym in addition to sightseeing made it worth adding the clothes.

Thanks for looking, I’d welcome any feedback.