Last work trip of the year and it’s a doozie! Customer prep and presentation in NYC, followed by a trip to Mumbai and Delhi for a conference keynote and customer meetings. (I can’t believe I just typed that last piece — new country for me, and someplace I’ve always wanted to see.)

I’m 3 days in and so far so good. This was a hard one to pack for, trying to manage the climate changes with mostly different weights of clothing.

Here’s the plan, I’ll try to take photos to add along the way.

2 blazers (Boden Teal, MM LaFleur, Black
2 pairs work formal pants (MM LaFleur Black, Boss black pinstripe)
1 pair ponte pants (Vince Camuto Navy)
1 pair jeans (Paige)
2 tank tops (MM LaFleur in eggshell and royal blue )
1 3/4 length T-shirt (Brooks, no find)
1 casual top (Vince Camuto pink)
1 short sleeve sweater(Boden green/black)
1 tee shirt (anthro)
1 cashmere hoodie (Neiman Marcus)
1 pair heels (SJP)
2 pair flats (navy, black)
1 puffer for NYC cold (galaxy, old, no find)
Scarf (Met store)

Workout/lounge clothes - joggers, tshirt, tennis shoes