I am planning my travel capsule for four days in July in Melbourne Australia.

It’s a fairly short trip with 3 hour flights plus travel to and from the airport. We are staying in an apartment (4 of us) and activities are:
- one night at the theatre to see Hamilton (booked)
- one night at the AFL ( Australian football)
- visiting a sick friend at her home
- shopping and inner city activities such as catching trams, checking out our old neighbourhood, a museum etc
- maybe a bike ride down the river or similar.

It will be mid winter- 7-14 degrees C and Melbourne can be both damp and cold.

I will have a checked bag because I may do some shopping there.


1.Four different footwear between sneakers and boots. I usually take my running shoes as one option. Looking at running shoes, Veja sneakers, black and white platoform sneakers, brown boots - I could avoid one of the first if short of room)
2. My coatigan and my puffer.
3. One pair of trousers and one jeans for the days in Melbourne.
4. One joggers for the plane trips.
5. Black trousers for the theatre
6. Two merino sweaters for the days in Melbourne.
7. Dressy blouse for the theatre - that works with the coatigan.
8. Scarves x2
9. Merino tanks
10. Exercise gear x1 ( leggings and warm top and beanie and gloves)
11. Crossbody bag (maybe x2)

Things I am unsure about:

- leather jacket or blazer to wear with the jeans for sightseeing? Thinking between the puffer and the coatigan I should be okay?
- wool coat (bulky?)
- rain coat (mine is nice and quite smart)

Any thoughts or ideas?

(I am wondering about the brown belted trousers - not great with my puffer - will have to try with the Coatigan as an option?)