#1 I die! SO FAB!!

What a great capsule! My favorite is #1 -- love that tee with the culottes and sandals! What a terrific look. I don't think I can justify another tee purchase in October, but I will love dreaming about it. You look wonderful.

Ha! Workhorses as anticipated! I love them with the check top as well as the silvery #1. The pictures of you on the boat deck are gorgeous!

Thank you all!

Shevia, my daughter took those photos -- I will tell her.

I like them with the checked top, too. They work really well with a lot of my tops in fact. Mr. Suz does not find them in the least controversial, by the way! He thought it was weird that people had mixed views. I suspect they look quite different in person from the way they look in the pics.

Viva, Lyn, this tee is so fab. I love it!! Every now and again Zara really puts out a winner.

I love seeing capsules in action, and this one is fabulous, Suz. The culottes are wonderful on you, as are the touches of hot pink with your mariner sweater.
My absolute favourite is 1. The silver elements bring your look to life so beautifully.

Silver and grey look so good on you now. And I like stripes and checks, too.

Just great! Blue, white, denim and silver has been s winner for you and it makes for perfect travel combinations as we-- gives a great range from true casual to dressy casual.

Wow, Suz, nr 1 is TDF, you really nailed it all, proportions, color scheme, and shine! Esp. love the chunky silver cuff (I did wear one similar all summer long and loved the drama that it includes in any outfit). Love your travel capsule as well, very well put together, and looking fab (as always)!!!

Can't imagine why the culottes are controversial. They look too fab for words. Nice holiday snaps.

Keep me posted on your Seattle arrival, Suz.

Btw, we're having a heatwave here - temps well into their 30s. Are you experiencing that too? (I am not complaining).

This is amazing travel capsule for you! I love your mix of florals and stripes and solids, all in harmonious colors. The culottes of controversy look great on you, and are a good reminder for me that sometimes you have to go with your gut, even if the chorus disagrees.

Soooo fab all around! You're a stylish creature. I LOVE that pink scarf on you -- I want one!

Jenn, going with your gut is important sometimes, yes. Especially if the item feels really wonderful. It doesn't photograph well but it works in my life.

Angie, no Seattle for me this trip, alas, but likely in the Spring.

The weather here is glorious. Not 30 maybe, but 29 or so. Beautiful and comfortable for me.

But I am chuckling at the "heat wave" reference. Compared to what we were experiencing in Ontario before we left, this feels cool and breezy. Our temperatures in Ontario were the same or lower, but -- you know I've said it before -- it's not the heat, it's the humidity! Back there, 29 (or even 24) feels completely different -- much, much hotter than it feels here. And it never cools down at night, which is another difference here.

Oh my gosh, Suz, this is a fabulous travel capsule! I adore the first outfit, with the culottes, silver sandals, and foiled tee. Smashing! And the matching pink scarf and waterbottle--how stylish is that!?

OK -- I've been spotty on the forum, and I went back to page 2 to find this thread!

I went to Victoria, and Vancouver, and Banff when I was a young teen. It made quite the impression, and your photos make me want to go back!

You look terrific -- love your sneaks and the way your casual tops have that bit of interest -- or you pop on a scarf, just to make them more "deliberate" and cohesive.

And my favorite? Oh -- love those culottes!

Looking good, Suz. I am glad you kept those culottes. Your vacay looks like fun!