I'm only going away for two days, but Angie's capsule inspired me to plan more than I usually would for a short time and actually try on the things I'm taking.

I used some of the clothing items that worked in my trip to warm southern Spain in March, but I'm going to New York where it's still on the colder and wetter side.

I have realized that I need shoes in a color like navy or light gray that are not booties and not super-open (I have the white backless loafers all set for warmer days and unfortunately my white Zara booties are not okay for mileage walking as demanded in the city.)

I saw a piece on line this morning about "transitional shoes" and I've forgotten where, but that seems to be my need. Of course there's nothing I can do about it now, unless I can go shopping in between learning about how my daughter will be spending her time at NYU in the fall. So I'm going with taupe waterproof Aquatalia booties from the winter and black Cole Haan ballet flats that were really comfy in Spain.