I am leaving for our European vacation in 4 days (OMG!) and I started packing today. I am so far from the travel capsule nirvana so many YLF members mastered to perfection (Suz and Ornella come to mind), for me it is a panic mode!
We are traveling for 2 weeks through Poland and Czech Republic. On the agenda is sight seeing (lots of walking) so I need to be comfortable. Also we plan to attend some performances and concerts in the evening so I need something more or less dressy. In addition there is an opportunity to go to the evening of ballroom dancing in Prague which may be fun - so I need something fairly dressy but cool to dance in.\
It is the transitional season so weather can range from quite warm to downright chilly, especially in the evenings and rain is also quite a possibility - so I need to plan for a range of weather conditions.
Oh and did I mention that it all has to fit into a carry on?

I have been agonizing over the packing for a week now but got to packing today. I will have some laundry opportunities in the apartments we are staying in so I definitely can wash shirts and underwear, maybe even jeans if needed.
Here is what I came up with - see attached finds. Originally I planned for 2 jackets and 3 bottoms and a dress but then decided to skip the dress and go for 4 bottoms and 3 jackets. I want to take 3 pairs of shoes.

Here are the questions I have:

1. This is what I plan to wear for a dance if we get to go. These booties are good enough to dance in. The cream silk shell is lightweight and hopefully the lace shell adds to the dressiness factor. What do you think? Please be honest, I don't want to embarrass myself on the dance floor:-) Also do scrunched cigarette pants look dated now - should I pin the pants to ankle length?
2. Trying the same silk shell layered under several tops. Any of this work?
3. I am trying to decide between cream and cognac loafers. They are the same style so the comfort level is the same. Practical side of me says that dark brown maybe more versatile but some other side wants to sneak cream loafers in. Here they are with the blue trench - any preference for the color?
4. Originally I planned for 3 bottoms but then decided to throw in cream BF jeans. I know, not the best choice for a minimal travel capsule but with laundry available maybe I can wear them at least 4-5 times? Here they are styled with a plaid shirt - do you like all jacket options here?
5-6. One of the 4 bottoms I plan to take is my sailor-style culottes. I thought that they will give me more variety and to some extend replace the dress. Here they are with the ink blazer - do you think this length work with the culottes? Both leather jackets work well with them but here I need a sanity check.
7. Culottes with the plaid shirt - tuck or not to tuck, this is the question :-0
8-9. Trying to layer a lace shell over the plaid shirt - style confusion or fun juxtaposition? Also trying to decide if brown or cream loafers work better here - what do you think?

The question of the loafers is the most important at this point as i cannot make up my mind. Please help me decide which ones should I take!!

Thanks a lot for your help.

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