Anchie, if you’re prepared to just wear them with anything - I highly recommend colourful specs.

Joy, we need a cafe day together.

Wow that pink top just jumps right off my screen! You look great in the bright pieces, and like you’re having a great time.

You both must cheer up every one who sees you - including me! Love the combination of orange and watermelon. Enjoy!

Gorgeous happy colors and people! Hot pink makes you glow

So pretty, and a perfect way to brighten a gloomy day. Your dad looks so happy to have you visiting!

Beautiful pics of your dad and you, Angie... and your ensemble could melt an iceberg !

Beautiful colour combinations on you Angie. I love the orange with the leopard print. I just bought a similar orange scarf.

WOW, WOW...I am speechless Angie, so wonderful color combinations, incredibly nice, love, love very much.

Love it! Love it even more that y’all match. And it’s the famous cow! Famous Cow is cheerful for a gloomy day

Oh wow! Fantastic colors! Breakfast looks good, too.

Yes, Angie is quite a famous cow.

...What ?

The pictures are posed next to a "famous cow," Cee. Not obvious unless you look for it.

There's an actual cow ?

...How moooving !

So fun to see you and your Papa in matching colours. Such a great way to brighten up the day. Now I want hot pink socks!

Wow, I could kill for a pictie like yours in nr 3 with my late Dad:_(...You are so beautiful, both!:-)

Mmmm, European breakfast! Love the brights and the animal print coat! So fun!

I love seeing you with your Dapper Dad. Love the brights! Funny I usually wear color, but decided to match Seattle weather and I'm in greys! Miss you!

Thanks for the awfully kind words, ladies.