I’ve so enjoyed everyone’s travel capsules on the forum so decided to share my own. I have an upcoming 8 day trip (not including travel days) at the beginning of Oct. We’ll be in Rome and Florence for 3 nights each, then Zurich for the last two. The weather in Italy looks to be warm during the day and comfortably cool at night. Zurich will obviously be colder.

I’m taking a carry on and sharing a larger checked bag with my partner. I have overpacked terribly on my last 2 trips to Europe and have resolved to cut back this time even if I feel anxious about not having enough options!

Most everything is in my finds below. I think I have enough short sleeved shirts which I’ll pair with jeans for warmer days. The dresses will be good for Italy because they cover my knees- a requirement to enter most religious sites/cathedrals etc. Two cardigans for layering and one medium weight jacket. One pair of low booties and my Taos Stars. I didn’t include my plane outfit which will be leggings and a lightweight tunic. Also will bring shorts and a tank top for pajamas.

Any thoughts from other Fabbers? Too much stuff? Not enough? Does the color scheme seem sufficiently interchangeable?