Hi All

I am finalising my travel capsule for my trip to the USA from 20 October to 2 November.

Itinerary -

  • Three long travel days (aeroplane)
  • Four days at the conference/trade show - one being set up (Columbus Ohio)
  • One day at leisure in Chicago
  • Four days at leisure in Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Fronting the stand at the trade show and associated activities eg dinners and drinks
  • Setting up the tradeshow
  • Travel Days
  • Day sightseeing in Chicago
  • Hanging out with friends in Tulsa - eating out, shopping etc
  • Sport and exercise - pickleball, gym, hiking and city walking
I will be bringing checked luggage.

I am thinking:

Black and white platform sneakers
Grey sandals
Pickleball shoes
(Maybe - blush oxfords instead of grey sandals??)

Black wide leg
Black pull on pants (for the three travel days)
Silk palazzo pants

Coffee slip skirt

Black puffer vest (not in finds)
Wool coat
grey blazer

Black silk shirt
black knit top
black tee
white tee
denim shirt
Sand colour knit
black merino
blush merino

Purple leggings
Black leggings
one pair of legging shorts (not pictured)
lilac merino
lilac tee
grey tee
long sleeve top

Either cognac or black bag or tan bag??


1) Will I need a wool coat in Ohio and Chicago in late October?
2) Will I get by without boots or should I take them?
3) It looks like Tulsa can be relatively warm hence the grey sandals being an option
4) Five pairs of shoes feels like a lot but my friend is really into pickleball so it is a good opportunity to play
5) Is one blazer enough - I would wear for two days at the tradeshow with the other day wearing the black silk shirt and trousers.
6) I will either wear the black trousers for three days or mix in the jeans or silk skirt for a day depending what others are doing. I could add a second pair of slimmer black trousers into the mix too?

Let me know what you think of the capsule>