I hope that I will not jinx the return of my suitcase with this post. It's been missing since Weds. afternoon but is supposedly on its way back to me. I went to Paris for a week with my daughter. The weather was supposed to be warm and in the 80s all week. I decided that I was going to rely mostly on dresses, skirts and sandals. I even tried everything on in advance to make sure it worked together. Well, the weather forecast changed, and so I ended up being cold and wearing jacket, sweaters, pants and scarf (that did not really match) more than I would have liked. (I wish I had FatHenry's red raincoat.) Here are a couple of photos of looks that worked. The capsule below omits a dress and two tops that I never managed to wear.

I did buy the black denim skirt from APC there, as well as a pair of lichen green Clergerie combat boots that I can't find a photo of anywhere online. I also picked up a couple of cute sweaters from a place called Nice Things.

In terms of fashion observations, I do not think most of what I saw applied to Parisians, many of whom were on vacation. As I had expected, many shops were closed for a few weeks with 'at the beach' signs in the windows, traffic was light, and the only hordes of people were at major tourist attractions. There was quite a lot of double denim, and a lot of denim jackets in general. Many people were wearing sneakers, mostly of the lace up type, and still a fair bit of the Stan Smith look. I found the most casually dressed people to be Spanish, and the most chic to be either Chinese or Korean. There were not many Americans about.

My favorite observation: Men outside of the US wear pants that fit. And they generally take more care with their appearance. It was much appreciated.

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