On Monday we fly to Darwin to start a 12 night cruise to Broome. This has been a looong held dream and I am so looking forward to it. The trip is very casual, the boat only takes 10-12 passengers and is very casual eg the shoe suggestion for the boat is NONE. Thus the only shoes are the mary janes for transit days and Keens sandals for excursions. During the day there will be excursions, by tender along rivers or on land hiking. For those not familiar with this area of Oz that means hiking in red dirt in 30°C. So, this is not a glam holiday, so clothing needs to be very practical.

The capsule pictured mainly comprises the on board clothing. Some of you may be horrified at only 4 tops but I will only be wearing them for part of the day. I am a carry on traveller and have no interest in being best dresssed each day. If the other passengers get sick of seeing me in the same outfits - tough!! This will be supplemented (not pictured) by a pair of shorts and 2 T shirts for hiking, all gear that is easy to wash and dry. The chambray shirt and cardigan are for transit days and in case I need a light topper in the evening.

I did a trial pack the other day and although I still have to add a few small items my pack weighed in at 5kg. Given that I have had major lower back problems for the last 3 months it was important to minimise weight. I've been nursing my back along for the past week or so, no housework (such a hardship), no bending etc to try and ensure that I will be able to fully participate in the activities.

I have been gradually adding my wardrobe to YLF using the custom finds and have found this tool very valuable in adding and subtracting to finalise this travel capsule. It is THE best ever tool added to this site, thanks Angie and Greg.

If you managed to read this far, thank you, and any comments you feel moved to make are welcome.