This (Finds below) is what I’m thinking of bringing for an 8-10 day road trip to Nova Scotia for a 40th reunion of DH’s Forestry class. I expect the drive to be broken up over 3 days (we are taking a different route than usual that takes us through the US instead of Quebec) and will be at an ocean side resort for 3 nights. The return trip would be 2 days or more, if we stop in Ottawa to check in on my mom.

The last time we attended this reunion 5 years ago, I remember cool mornings and nights, and being too hot in jeans and sweaters during the day. It was an extremely casual affair, with barbecues and bonfires.

Daytime temps in the high 70’s during the day.

I like to travel light, but we are bringing the big ‘People Carrier’, so lots of room. Am I missing anything?

And, yes, we are bringing umbrellas!