I’ve adjusted my attitude a bit since Rachylou’s comment on Christina’s post reminded me that yes, spring is a thing here. It isn’t one big, gradual transition; it’s a bunch of transitions from one day to the next, and within the same day, with a lot of switchbacks. Here is how I’ve been coping:

2 is probably my unhappiest day dressing in a while. I wanted to wear my two-piece dress with my black fishnet bodysuit, but had to sub in solid navy tights because I couldn’t find it. Then layering the sweater over the dress meant you couldn’t see the top. Then that was still not warm enough & I had to wear the vest. They are all things I like, but *sigh*. This is not the look I was going for.

3-9 I got out the skirt I loved last fall, because it layers so well, and got busy with it. I decided against the tan sweater, even though I knew I was overdoing the berry softness, because my soul needed that much warmth. Later on I took off the sweater & leggings though and was just fine with the cream shirt. (The pink slides are my “house shoes”—not worn beyond our threshold, other than the occasional run to the dumpster). Besides all the pulling on & off of tops & toppers, I even had to pull the hood up for a few minutes of hard, cold rain. I was at a food stand, buying Russian blinni, so it seemed appropriate.

10-11 Transition to a lovely warm day! Only thing I had to decide was whether or not to roll the legs of the shorts up. Surprised what I chose?

12-15 Today is another day of layering/ transitions. We took all the pictures this evening when my son was home. He threw things to/at me to catch, so I wouldn’t just stand there in pictures. No, I wouldn’t wear the sports bra to run errands, but I did wear it to be a warm first layer, so it’s included in a collection of all the layers.

16-18 The pedal-pushers/crops pix are from the day Angie blogged about them. I enjoyed wearing them with the long red cardi, but looking at the print, I might also pull out my teal blouse that’s been looking for a mate and try it with them.

We are looking forward to ice cream and summer time, but also enjoying the transitions: seeing blooms come out and fade, the cygnets grow, and, because it’s Berlin, an upswing in protests; this one was for Italien anarchists and featured speed metal music.

Sorry such scattered finds: I’ve been keeping the computer for work only (job applications & academic research I hope will get me a job) and can’t make finds on the site on my phone.

If there is a big transitional season where you are, how are you dealing with it?

Thanks for looking & commenting.

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