I am a warm neutral skinned blonde, too-but when I was young adult yellow gold didn't look good on me and wore all my jewelery around my face (small studs, a wire chocker, or long pendants) all in silver (+ some gunmetal).

When became a specs wearer my specs were all acrylic in a statement color -never a metal-and so- didn't interfere. Still, I always somehow mixed metals on my hands. I just kept wearing my gold wedding band and a statement ring (with 5 zyrconia stones) made of mixed white/yellow gold and a big white (and silver) chunky watch on my left hand- no problem. On the right hand am wearing a simple white gold and zyrconia ring+ sometimes a cuff but this again is silver/antique silver, white pearls or lamp beads but NOT GOLD. I was please with this aesthetic for decades.

Then, I lost my beloved silver wire chocker and couldn't replace. Plus, my newest prescription glasses (from spring 2022) are havana (but in colder hues and NOT yelowish!) and have very pale creamy golden arms--so not the bright yellow or rose gold at all. I deliberately choose these as found out they go better with my skin- silver harware on specs were somehow too bright on my warmish face. I also changed my small silver studs to zyrconia in a very thin gold frame(and skip wearing a necklace)-so I am pleased again-AND I still like my chunky white/silver watch and old rings and find they don't clash with my specs so plan to wear them further. (Ah, forgot to say I am somehow special in my prefferences as I have to wear the AudioLink of my CI (which is a small white gadget on a longer black cord) around my neck or clipped on my clothes 12/24 so unless dressy I now generally avoid wearing any other jewelery around my neck.

Anchie, I like the mixed metal arm candy you've created! I like all four bracelets together with the watch. And the earrings are fab too

I'm with Jenni in preferring the cleaner look of the two bangles closest to your hand. And terrible skin? You do not! You have gorgeous full lips and no lines anywhere!

LJP - thanks, but I do have deep acne scars from teen years that made me very selfconcious.

I like the combo bracelets - Apple watch. And the earrings and glasses look fab!

I am not sure if I like Apple watch with those bracelets. I like idea but I don’t think I like my jewelry. I have tons of inherited or gifted jewerly but non of it is what I would select for my self. And I never bought any for myself that I actually like. That is probably why I rarely wear any.

I don’t mind mixing metals, but for myself, I prefer wearing either all silver, all gold, or my favorite, all bronze or aged gold.

I like the gold bracelets with the watch - The gold hoops with glasses work great to my eye too! I suspect that yes, you do indeed have warm colouring.

It's nice to see your face - you have a welcoming one

I'm with Jenni regarding the bracelets and think your glasses look great with the earrings. You have a beautiful face.

I like the bracelet combo. Can I say it? If you are unhappy with the jewelry, especially the gold jewelry you were gifted, sell them and buy something that makes you happy! You most certainly deserve it.

I like both the earrings/glasses and bracelets/watch combos!

I adore mixed metals. This Apple watchband, for example, as well as tons of other jewelry on the site. I prefer not being overly matchy matchy in my style.