Long time ago when I was still coloring my hair and was a brunette, gold was my metal. I never liked mixing metals and was very particular about it. But when I stopped coloring my hair more than 10 years ago I decided that because of my silver hair I need to stop wearing gold and start wearing silver. It took me years to phase out everything with gold or with gold hardware. I only kept my gold jewelry that was mostly gifted or inherited. Last few years it was struggle finding bags that I like that have silver hardware. I turned down many great bags including Angie’s citron Furla because of that.
But my daughter is constantly insisting that I am warm skinned and that I should wear gold instead of silver. So I finally admitted that she is right and I am embarking on slow transition back to gold. So far I only got 2 things with gold hardware - a bag and shoes in finds. For my 50th birthday I got beautiful earrings that are mix of white and yellow gold and I think they will help during this transition. But unfortunately I don’t wear lot of jewelry which is I think easiest way to intentionally mix metals. I wear my glasses and my Apple watch every day, and they both have silver hardware. Changing those would have biggest impact but it will take time. I am due for new glasses next year, and my Apple watch is 6 years old.
Do you wear mixed metals? Any tips to make this transition easier?