Seems like many people on the forum are not wearing dresses that much anymore. Anyone moving in the opposite direction? A few years ago, I used to wear jeans a I hardly ever do. Instead it's dresses, dresses and more fact, I'd wear them more frequently if I wasn't a bit leery of giving the impression that I only wear dresses (I'm an experimental research scientist at a large company, so I sometimes default to top+dress pants). Are any of you ladies wearing dresses more frequently these days? I think one factor might be that I got my legs lasered a few years ago, and now I don't need to worry about any hair removal factors, so the pull on nature of a dress is super appealing.

As a somewhat related aside, I have this "eyelet happening" red dress from Madewell (first find below) on the way to me, and I realized that I have an absurd number of red dresses:

a red wrap dress, with 3/4 sleeves
a red shirtdress
a red silk sack dress
a red sleeveless dress (the second find below)

I'm hoping this dress (worn with a blazer or cardigan in the office to hide cutouts) will be a good summer option for me!