Hello, friends. Can we talk about strategies for dressing in transitional seasons? (Here is one place where Northern and Southern Hemisphere Fabbers might actually be seasonally aligned!!)

For me, one of the lessons of the past 6 months of getting dressed has been how weak my transitional wardrobe is. In the past I have not paid much attention to it because I have thought of transitional seasons as being quite brief here in Seattle. But this year we have had a LOT of transitional weather it seems to me. Not sure if this is a fluke or the new abnormal with climate change, but in any case it's focused my attention on this area of my wardrobe.

I am wondering what your outfit formulas and shopping strategies for transitional season dressing are.

I *think* I know what I want my outfit formulas to be, but I've had trouble actually putting them together:

1. cropped jeans + woven printed (or otherwise detailed) tank + cardigan (sleeve length and weight can vary depending on weather)

  • Problem: I am still having trouble finding the kind of woven tanks that I want (these have been a HEWI for my summer wardrobe too). I've bought a handful this year but the truth is they are just ok at best and I don't reach for them.
  • Also problem: Months of lockdown inactivity mean that my cropped jeans are, uh, a little snug. I'm working on this (having finally made the mental shift to realize that no, I will not be able to return to swimming for quite a long time, so I had better find a workout I can do at home) but for now I kinda tend to default to sweatpants. :-S
2. soft, fluid pants (like joggers or cropped palazzo pants with an elastic waist) + 3/4 sleeve pullover
  • Problem: I am having a devil of a time finding joggers/palazzo pants that fit. My short stature + short torso + short rise mean that I am effectively sized out of the vast majority of what's available at retail, and these styles weren't very prevalent back when rises were low so there's not much to be had secondhand either.
Anyway, in the interest of brainstorming other possible solutions, I'm curious to know about your formulas and general approach!