First 3 months of my tracking experiment completed!

All the Finds are my MVPs, with 15+ wears. I counted the swimsuits together though- cause I just switch off each time. Out of all these, the black tote (new this year) got 35 uses already! Bad news, the handles have wear and will need repair at some point. Surprise MVP- my sandal booties. I thought I didn't wear transitional shoes much but these got 17 wears, tied with the Blondos.

I am slowly reducing my wardrobe, but bought a lot too. Total 15 in, but 20 out. 1 item not worn yet cause it hasn't been warm enough, a black pleated skirt. Besides these 2 bags though, my new leather jacket has been high use, with 12 wears.

High wear categories:
Black pants (shocks no one)- total of 37 wears between 5.
Jeans- total of 14 wears between 2. A lot for me- since I finally have good ones.
Black tops- total of 21 wears between 6

Low wear categories:
Non swim gear. Swimming and hiking have been my only exercize this quarter. Will change when I start biking and SUP again.
Summer things. Aside from 13 total sandal wears (not inc sandal booties), and 5 for the Ripskirt in FL, not much has been used yet- which is understandable.
Lightweight toppers- cardis and thin jackets. I barely wore any of them. This will likely change as it warms up.
Long sleeved dress and heavier skirts- not worn at all. I tend to wear them in transitional weather, when I don't need to fool with tights.

Sorry- nothing terribly interesting. Q2 should be a bit more diverse, since it'll be transitional to hot weather