To begin with:
I have natural dark ash blonde, now25% grey hair.
You surely can see in my profile pictie that I have lots of very thin strands of very high(bleached)lights, and some lowlights in dark brown all over my hair.
Fellows platinum blonde, or those with high-and lowlights, can you advice me about how to touch/refreshen them up without damaging hair? Is your hairdresser picking up always the same strands for high-and lowlights, and touches up the roots only? How often do you do that?
As my hair is going more grey I find myself toying with the ideea on colouring my all hair (lightest blond) and then ask for some lowlights for contrast.
Will this be a better option for more healthly hair?(I find my hair is very thin and broken from bleached highlights-as my hairfresser doesn't only touch up my roots, but put the bleach on the all length of my hair, every 2,5 months or so...My hair is already so thin I wouldn't risk to go thinner, but I like it lightest blonde(almost platinum).
Thanx for advicing.