I need a zippered tote that can function as my "personal item" on a plane trip, hold my laptop in a sleeve, and look nice in a pinch as a handbag at my destination. I've never used a tote as a handbag, I tend to prefer the hands free cross body, so one to start should be sufficient.

My winter coat is due for a replacement at some point, but it's not a high priority. But when I do, it will be one of "my" colors from my palette below. The ease of shopping with a restricted palette has me hooked. Coat later, tote sooner. And of course winter accessories like hats and scarves! My bottoms peeking out from under the coat will mostly be the neutrals, whites or blue jeans.

I feel like there must be a Chinese menu formula that will work, I just don't know it. Using my palette, with the black, olive and grey are my main neutrals and the accent colors blue, purple, coral and lime green (forget the white, I will never buy a white coat or tote, I'm not that neat), and assuming anything I wanted was in the market when I wanted it, how would you approach this? Is there a pattern that translates to any palette?

Neutral coat, accent 1 for tote, accent 2 for accessory
Neutral coat, neutral tote, accent for accessory
Accent coat, neutral tote, accent accessory?

Should each item be a different color? Or a grey coat and grey tote, for example. If I were to go bold with my favorite, cobalt, which piece?

There was a time when I could have calculated in my head how many possible combinations there are, but not tonight. The mind boggles, and maybe that's why I'm overthinking this whole thing.

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