Hi All

I think I am almost done with winter shopping (if I see the perfect beanie that matched my coats and has the right slouch I will get one).... I have space for a wildcard if something comes along but I have found my boots, sweater, puffer and put jeans on hold as I added a skirt instead.

But the gap I have, and it could be an expensive gap, is a tote or bag to take to work.


  • Hard wearing and durable
  • fits an HP Pro plus small notebook, wallet, phone and makeup purse. Ideally the cable and mouse too.
  • longevity in styling - I want to wear it out, not get sick of it.
  • looks good when attending meetings and seminars.

My work lifestyle:
  • For work I wear quite a bit of black in winter and summer, and usually darker colours. I wear simple dresses, black pants, smart jeans etc. On some days I wear a puffer or a hi vis vest when I am in our manufacturing facility.
  • I don't do a lot of work travel, but I work between a home office and a work office.
  • I am more of a dress or shoe person than a bag person. I do have three day bags only and they are below (the yellow is really a weekend bag or fun bag). The cognac is slouchy and casual, the blue is the best but while mid sized does not fit a laptop.
  • At the moment I take my laptop in a laptop soft bag and a separate handbag. My laptop, mouse and cable only just fit and I dislike the bag.

In terms of price, I don't want to pay designer prices, but I also am prepared to pay for quality. I am leaning to black for versatility and because I do not have a black day bag.

Many international bags will be available here or I would consider online shopping for this type of purchase.

If you have a smart laptop tote or backpack I would love to know, or a work tote that you think may fit the bill.

Thanks in advance