Angie pointed out that the Weekly Roundup in today's post could be worn during the Summer .... especially in air conditioning.

Of course, Angie is correct. My comment related to the fact that I don't have anything remotely like "arctic air conditioning." I hear about it. I have yet to experience it unless I am literally in the freezer section of my grocery store.

I wear lightweight, sleeveless items as often as possible during the Summer months. I never wear a topper. Necklaces serve as my third piece.

So the finds in todays post, although stunningly gorgeous, don't work for my climate (which, in my opinion consists of Summer and Winter with a couple of weeks of "in-between" weather).

This was a hard lesson for me to learn. I learned it by participating in several different YLF Challenges. One challenge was initiated by Janet. The challenge was to wear orphaned items. It went something like "wear it or cull it." I discovered I had multiple items in my wardrobe that were perfect for "in-between" weather. Those items rarely got worn because the weather was never quite right. This hit me like a ton of bricks.

Having participated in that challenge, I am now cognizant of those very-specific items and make it a point to wear them during those rare weather days. They still don't get worn all that much.

I wish I could make toppers work for me. I love the finished and very professional look. To those YLF Members that have a more varied climate, enjoy!!!