Yes, I read Angie's advice for toppers for sleeveless dresses - including the DON'T part. However, I am not comfortable going sleeveless at work, so I would like to keep my sleeveless dresses appropriate without sweating to death. I commonly wear dresses with cardis or blazers through the winter, but find myself in a bind come summer. I can leave off the hose/tights, but I need lightweight toppers for dresses. Our building does finally have AC, but they keep the temps uncomfortably warm (for me). I long for "arctic air conditioning"!

FWIW, I commonly wear shift dresses or fit and flare dresses, and I have a couple of black maxi dresses I am fond of. Longer toppers look sloppy, but shrugs look too short and unflattering for my midsection. Is there a happy medium anywhere? If anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears!