No idea but I just wanted to tell you that you look stunning. That dress is gorgeous!

Janet, one or the other - not both! I realize that sounded confusing and changed my comment to "or".

Aha, that's what I thought! Thanks for clarifying!

I thought of putting my Helmut Lang black leather jacket over this, but I'm not sure it would fit -- like I said, the fitted sleeves might make it impossible. I do have that old bronze-y, cropped, bracelet-sleeved Theory leather moto, which has a slightly boxier fit in the shoulders. I almost forgot about it. Your comment reminded me of that. I might have to try that on! It could be a really fun juxtaposition.

Get the ball dress on and play topper dress-up, Janet. You'll be surprised at what works best. SUPER fun.

That Theory jacket sounds like a great piece to go with the dress, provided the sleeve cooperate with each other. Please post pix.

I like them both, Black and Tan, and cant wait to see which one makes you feel most fab. Make sure to post full regalia pics when you can!

I love the black, but I'm a sucker for black and red. That dress is stunning on you!

Quick update: Got the dress and tried on with topper. Surprise! Hubs liked the tan better. Picking out jewelry now but need to get ready to go to the inauguration ceremony so I’m in a rush.

I know I am late to the party, but I loved the shape/style of the tan topper - but def a hard choice. I hope you relax and can enjoy the Ball! BTW you look killer in that gown!

Ordinarily, like you, I'd go for the black with the black gloves. But I inherited a blonde mink shawl from my MIL and it is the most elegant thing to put over evening dress. But you need beige or camel gloves to really set off that red with it.

And I concur -- you look Fab in that dress!\