Big smile from me for encouragement to over-analyze! I will post something early next week.
Sharan - Thank you. Repetition of pattern is one of the things I love to play with!
Olive Green- What a nice thing to say!
Sarah - Yes, pearls can go so many ways! Thank you for your kind words!

As your partner in the crime of overthinking, here we go.

*rolls up sleeves*

The Cut is behind a paywall, but I had a look at the Coveteur. Where I agree with them, they are retreading basics, well known to we mavens over here at YLF. If I am not mistaken, HtH and WoF are what Angie would call Wild Cards and Essentials. Also, three adjectives are not enough. Everyone needs five.

Everything after that is over-simplification, cookie cutter formulae of no use to those of us who want to wear All The Clothes, All The Time. As soon as anyone begins talking about generic Do’s and Don’ts, I have to run, because I know the fashion police will not be far behind.

This is the point at which Kibbe and color analysis kick in. Nothing has done more to sharpen my awareness of what works and why. I think this is knowledge everyone who loves fashion needs, if only to refine color palettes and lean into the bolder choices.

Speaking of which, may I compliment you on your practical application of such principles. I am hard pushed to pick a favorite, so I will say the one with the jeans is the odd one out. Great proportions, but the colors look a little soft on you.

I hear you Rio. I hope you will join when I post my take - agreed that the fundamentals as laid out in the article are the least interesting and map well to other systems, including Angie's (who admirably has not felt the need to glorify it as a system ). The fun is in the details, and I don't expect anyone else (although delighted to see a few have) go that deep. That is why I want to try to make a short and sweet summary that we can all discuss.
Anyhow, thank you very much for the enormously flattering comment. Agreed that the faded neutrals wash me out and the red doesn't really save it, as much as I wish it did.

Love 1, 2 and 4 especially!
Everyone needs 5 style adjectives approprio? I'm struggling with 3!