Jane stay safe in that typhoon, if you’re still there! Isn’t typhoon an exotic sounding word? We only get cyclones here.

Thank you Jenni, and also Bijou in your thread on Singapore, for thinking of me! It is kind of you and I appreciate your care.

I was only in Tokyo for a few days due to other commitments, but left DH, SIL and her DH out there and they are safe.

Their plans were affected by the weather and they missed out on a couple of rugby matches, but went to the Grand Prix and got sun burnt.

I miss Tokyo! I loved the fashion very much - so much to look at everywhere!

Glad you had a fun time Jane - you can see the joy in your pics.

Feeling very sorry for all involved in the Typhoon - devastating power.

Thank you for sharing your pictures, Jane! Love your outfits. Great idea to collect stationary.