If you've been following my toenail story, you'll know that I had two badly torn big toenails last year. After careful nursing, they are perfectly healthy again and look great. (It's amazing how well the body can heal itself).

But I am very weary of toenail polish and my brittle toenails - which goes hand in hand with looking after my fussy feet. I walk a lot and rely on my feet more than most. I owe my feet even more TLC.

So, I've made a decision: I'm going sans my beloved Kyoto Pearl toenail polish this year, and leaving the toenails au natural with nail strengthener. Not as polished and pretty - which I will miss - but I feel it's for the best.

I've also ordered this kit from Zoya which is supposed to be "toxin-free", and will see how that goes.

I'm on Team Naked Nails.