This is a problem area of my closet. I don't get to wear jeans enough, and I love a lot of different styles. Plus I recently had the experience of looking at some old WIW photos that DH found on a camera and was seriously regretting getting rid of some items I thought at the time didn't look so great. So I've let the denim situation be a bit too hoarder-ific.

VK I don't wear white jeans for the reasons that you stated. I don't wear white anything. I am prone to spilling food on myself, dogs jumping on me and sitting in the wrong place. I am in awe of all the white jeans I see on the forum.

Jeans (or really just pants in general) are a huge problem area for me. Not because I have too many, but because I never have enough -- and I mean that literally. I'm hard to fit and I don't like spandex. Last week, I added a great pair of jeans (The Levis Sticks below -- if you're a little bit curvy and want an all cotton slim/straight jean, these are awesome-sauce) so I thought I'd be okay for a while; but now my toddler has "decommissioned" two pairs of corduroys, which have been real workhorses for me this winter. *Sigh...* I can probably fix the hole in one pair, but I don't think they'll ever really look smart again. The other pair is going straight to the "chore clothes" pile. I was soooo ready to be done pants shopping, but I never seem to get to that point.

Oh dear, life happened to interfere with the wardrobe therapy yesterday, promise to put this right tomorrow.

R and J, I set myself the challenge this morning to find those darned white jeans and I haven't done it yet either, so don't fret -- no time limit!

I promise I am walking up to my closet this minute.

As the white jeans problem, my cat is gray and white, so black pants are a bigger issue for me. (Sit anywhere in our house in black pants, and chances are you'll stand up and ask, "Do I need to [lint]roll myself?")


I found one pair of (perfectly-fitting, which is to say a "relaxed fit") white skinnies in the closet-within-a-closet, after spotting two false alarms that turned out to be white denim shorts.

I have put the skinnies in the jeans drawer to remind myself that they are not for summer only.

I must have purged a fair amount of white denim before my move, since I seem to accumulate it the way Rachylou accumulates black denim. I'm sure the next time I check, there will be two or three pairs of white jeans in my newly organized drawer.

Doing this the Kondo way, I am pulling out any jeans I have and putting them on the guest room bed. I have very few blue denim left, which was a surprise. I have more white than anything but a dog with mostly white hair, so black and other dark colors are the problem. It is a shock to see it all together. The ones I reach for are the slimmest cuts.

I own three pairs of jeans. All three pair hang in my closet. Evaluated. Keeping. Done.

Wait, do you think I actually purged the rest of my white denim before I moved, or do you think my movers truly did use it to, say, wipe the oil dipstick on their truck and then tossed it off the GW Bridge?

Can you tell that my movers were a tad, shall we say, fly-by-night, and that I'm still surprised that anything at all actually made it to the new house?

Jeans are the hardest thing for me to part with and what I probably have the most of. I have so many of the same style (J Crew Matchstick) in different washes, lengths and sizes that I put on a black pair the other day thinking they were blue and had to change when I realized and I was almost out the door. I also have multiple white pairs in different lengths (crop, short, regular, long) but you just never know what you'll need.
I just organized my drawer items because I now have a luxurious amount of dresser drawers (18) and was able to sort socks into short and tall; different lingerie items into bras, panties, camis; s/s tees, l/s tees, sweatshirts, workout tops and bottoms and I put some jeans in a drawer, but I'm thinking I can't see them well enough and the bottom ones will get missed.
Interested in how others organize their collections.

Thank you for the challenge - good to get out the white jeans and see what still suits (or not). It made me so happy to take my spring and summer clothes out of their boxes on such a snowy and dreary day.

2pr. Paige boot cuts - essentially the same pants in 2 sizes
1pr. Gap dark high waisted skinnies (new

1pr. white bootcut (Kors)
1pr. white straight cropped (Lucky)

The waists feel low on the white pants, so I may try to find some replacements with higher rises.

Well it's summer where I am and the heat is driving me crazy. I hacked the sleeves off a dress yesterday. I think my white jeans are for it today. They had it coming to them.

Jeanne, I'm curious about storage options too! Right now, I keep mine folded on a shelf in a tall cabinet. Unfortunately they're on the lowest shelf, because that's the only one big enough for all the jeans. That means it's hard to see what I've got. Plus it's a big stack, and half the time if I want something from the lower portion of the stack, I end up messing up the whole pile, and having to refold everything. I don't have enough closet bar space to hang them all up.

I've been thinking that a cubby system might be nice, although I don't think I have the space to implement it right now. I'm thinking a bunch of little cubbies (like in a mailroom!) with one pair of rolled up jeans each. Then you could see each one and take it out separately without disrupting everything else, although I'm not sure rolling would make things readily identifiable if there were multiples of the same color. On the other hand, my current pile system doesn't lend itself to easy identification either.

ETA: found this link with storage ideas. The shoe cubby one is similar to what I was thinking, but I'd want something non hanging,

Rolled up in cubbies -- there is some seriously creative jeans organization going on here!

If you have lots of space to hang things, and if you're a little bit nutty about organization, I recommend something like this or this

to show you exactly what's hanging where. If you hang your jeans and have a lot of them, you could label the dividers with categories such as "Skinnies", "Flares (hemmed for heels)" "White Denim" etc.

When I first did this, my husband questioned my sanity, but it really does make it incredibly easy to put things away and to know what you have.

I hang all of my pants, including jeans. On one side are my dress pants, sorted by color, and on the other side are my jeans, sorted by color. I separate the navy section from the black section with brown so I don't have to remember which are black and which are navy. My tops are organized by sleeve length and within that by color. It's so much easier that way.

I would love to have enough hanging space to hang jeans, but I don't -- I have to fold them on shelves. One shelf section has straights and skinnies; one has colored, coated and patterned jeans, and one has boyfriends and bootcuts/flares. See what I did with alliterative categories?

I wish there was enough shelf space that bootcuts, boyfriends, skinnies and straights all had their own piles, but I don't. I sometimes have issues with the piles getting unruly when I pull something out from the lower reaches of the stack, which may be a sign I need to edit a bit. Now that I have two pairs of cropped jeans, there is a whole other category!

It's a real blessing to have enough hanging space. My cropped jeans are in a separate section, also organized by color. I don't have too many of them, though - only 4 pairs. I culled that section recently and bought some new NYDJ pairs on clearance. I'm ready for summer now.