What stunning gardens and a stunning outfit.
Great to see you.

So lovely that you got to enjoy the gardens without the crowds. Such beautiful pictures of you and the gardens. Your crisp whites and colours are gorgeous and say Spring has Arrived!

You and Mr. Suz look terrific and so do the gardens! How amazing to visit without the crowds; that would be a dream-come-true for me. The gardens look beautifully maintained; the staff must be continuing to maintain them during social distancing.

What an enchanting place, Suz! I'm so glad you were able to go on this outing. I find gorgeous nature always soothes the soul. And your outfit is perfect, of course, the floral top is just so lovely, and extra special because it belonged to your sweet Mum. The gardens were the perfect place to wear it!

Love your outfit for a beautiful day at the gardens! Such a magical place. I was there early in the day late last summer - with a light drizzle - and we had the place to ourselves!

You look so lovely, and thanks for sharing the uplifting photos.

I don't know what's better--you or the gardens! Both are gorgeous! I'm glad you were able to have such an excursion right now. The outdoors are healing.

I’m late to chime in But just want to tell you that in the summer they have fireworks over the lake and you can bring a picnic to have on the lawn beforehand. They also sell gourmet picnics that come in a beautiful picnic basket! Yes it’s crowded but so much fun! I am so glad you bought the yearly pass. I think it will be a place you will never get tired of. And BTW, beautiful YOU fits right in to that beautiful garden!

Thanks, Lynette. I wonder if any of those activities will happen this year. Probably not! Due to COVID. But that's ok. We live very close so we can go often.

Wow, just lovely, plants and people alike!

I love both colourful you & the garden, but that goes without saying Your sunglasses & lipstick colour play off beautifully against the softness of your longer hair, too. YLF!

Oh, Suz. I went to Butchart Gardens as a kid and thisIs bringing back just so many memories! Thank you for sharing. And how wonderful that you wore your mom’s botanical top! Your inspiring me to go to the botanical gardens with my mom.

You look fabulous as always! And what wonderful gardens! Thank you for sharing. I love botanical gardens. The tulip top with the white bottoms is so fresh and ... garden-y!

Love your outfit it looks very comfortable and current. The gardens are beautiful and I'm very envious. We have Longwood Gardens here in PA outside Philadelphia ( 60 min drive for me ) but we are still on lockdown and so everything is closed. cannot wait to visit.

The envy is strong. I suppose by the time we can cross into Canada again, the tour buses will be back. Lovely photos, and your outfit is perfect.

Such beautiful gardens! And love your floral top!