More - sneakers, woven tops for summer, casual pants (joggers, cargos etc)

Less - bags, jeans, t-shirts

You are right about your guesses, Sal!


Fashion neakers, loafers, hoodies, dressy pants, suits, shirts and dresses


Stand alone blazers, blouses, and boots,

Not purchasing anymore:

Athletic sneakers and sandals (I never wear them despite our hot weather and my active lifestyle), solid black and grey items.


Orangey colors

There's been a color shift in my wardrobe. I've come to realize the black, white and navy neutrals aren't something I want near my face (and navy is domething that I don't want in my wardrobe at all).

What a fun question, Sal! It sounds like your shopping habits have changed more because of a shift in style preferences, and less because of lifestyle changes -- would you say that is accurate?

For me, over the past few years, I've been adding more:
- heavy knits
- indoor toppers
- button-up shirts
- boots
- bralettes/wireless bras
- elevated loungewear (I used to wear demoted tees; I built this up with a bit more intention here)

I have added fewer:
- blazers (it's SOOOO hard for me to restrain myself!)
- graphic tees
- skirts
- dressy shoes

Nemosmom, you’ve mentioned the blazers & shoes before. Always surprises me, because I picture Cali as being more laid-back than Chicago, and extra layers as more necessary in the Midwest.

What a great question! Need to give it some thought ... But definitely more "gear-adjacent" tops ... Not full on gear, but gearish enough to wear for a quick yoga or a walk on the trails ...

Interesting question! I use to buy clothes for my fantasy life. These days, I better understand my style, what I need, and what I wear.


Button-up shirts. I never thought I would like how these would look on me, but now I am a convert.

Turtlenecks tops. Again I thought these looked awful on me. I have changed my mind about these.




T-shirts. I will probably buy more, but I haven't seen any I like lately.

Yoga gear. I have lots. I don't really need more.

More: Workout gear because most of what I have is 30-40 years old and I fear it will some day disintegrate at the same time. Two or three years ago I bought pants, long sleeve tops, and bras. A year ago I changed my routine and now I get super hot so am buying short sleeve tops since cotton tees get sopping wet and heavy. The exercise change has also caused me to lose weight and cup size so now all those new bras are too big. My old ones don’t flip up at the band as much, but I now have new ones on order.

I have stopped buying sandals because I run too cold to wear them. No more work only (formal) clothing. I stopped buying DCO and acrylic before that.

It might take me a while to reply to all here...

Sloper - that makes sense given the pandemic. And yes sometimes we just have to say no more (like myself with bags too right now)

Sally - comfortable bra's for the win...and yes we share the tee shirt thing (I have moved to woven blouses more, they make me feel better).

Carla - this seems logical. I love hats for both practical and style reasons....especially straw hats in summer. And hoodies are perfect for wearing at home, getting to and from the pool etc

Jenn- scarves can be a fun way to add colour and texture and pattern - no fit issues - but goodness they can feel expensive too. Do you wear them in autumn/winter in LA - I thought they might be good to dress up simple pieces to make them feel wintery (long sleeve tees or black dresses).

Fashintern - I have noticed that your older pieces (approximately 8 or so years but I know some are older and some newer) have been reintegrated with success into your outfits now they fit. And the quality shows. Probably your Florida clothes are too big now but I suspect you won't keep these as long as the older pieces.

Since scarves have been mentioned by a few people - I'm a big fan of them and have been consistent with adding those - maybe 1 or 2 per year at most. I like the the long cotton scarves from Target (see the bright orange one in my Finds). I wear one every time I got out to cover my neck, and I like to add the interest around my face. Also sometimes drape them over my arms while in the car (not true sun protection, but it helps). Or as wraps in air-conditioned doctors' offices.

I'm still holding on to my nicer silk collection from working days. It takes very little storage space and I like to pick one out to add to a Southern California winter outfit.

More larger sizes from covid-25, perfume to help me sleep.

Less spike heels.

Honestly tho, it’s just been more.

Less: Jeans, Silk blouses, belts

More: Jewelry, Jackets, Sandals

More: Safari-inspired clothing & accessories (tans, cognacs, creams, whites in cotton, silk, linen, leather), menswear-inspired details (blazers and accessories), ocean colors.

Less: High heels, black or charcoal colors.

Truthfully though, I've bought pretty much everything this year, as I re-evaluate my everyday life activities, what I have enough/too much of, and what I want my wardrobe to do.

More linen. More buttoned shirts. More casual dresses and shorts for warmer weather. More jeans (always had a lot, just have more variety now) and more casual non-jeans pants (a new category for me).

Fewer skirts (used to buy at second hand stores but rarely wore). Fewer tees (trying not to wear them for work except under sweaters / blazers).

I have a moratorium on blazers and dressier pants because I tend to buy them but don’t have many chances to wear.

- Emmy Design cardigans
- shoes
- fabric for dresses and skirts

- leggings
- short dresses
- socks

This shows how working from home has freed me up to create a new best-of-all-worlds outfit formula.

Previously, my clothing formulas were divided by "dressed up" (work and church) and "casual" (home and errands). Both formulas were fairly broad, but very little crossover. "Dressed up" was a dress or skirt and top with nice shoes/boots/sandals, usually with some heel. "Casual" could be a tunic and leggings, or shorts and t-shirt; it was also a smaller collection since it was just for evenings and weekends.

My new formulas blend these, since they feel quite casual to me, but are not what most people would call casual. They're comfortable both for sitting and for brisk walking outdoors. I've been able to stop looking for the right leggings and more short dresses, and I've bought a lot of fabric!

Bijou - I am not surprised by your list, working from home has prompted some of these. You continue to make more casual pieces look elevated.

Kate - cardigans are so good to wear at home. I have sworn to always own one for this very reason.... jackets, sweaters - not quite the same!

Minaminu - I wonder why your jeans are wearing longer (mine are too I think - I think it is the lower stretch content as I moved away from skinnies). I have noticed your move to lighter colours and admired the way you are doing this thoughtfully.

Joy - you have won me over with coral - I think my number one favourite colour:)

Nuancedream - yes midi for the win!! And I think many people are wearing less blazers - softer shapes seem to be prevalent.

Slimcat - you are leading the pack!!

Preppy Pear - this makes sense. And when you only need winter coats for three months a year they last twice as long as when you need them six months a year!

Shevia - I am trying to avoid polyester too - and heels - I do wonder if we will ever go back or will it change again as fashion does?

Suntiger - sounds like a move to a classic practical harmonious wardrobe. And yes hard to compare 2019 2020 and 2021 for many people.....

Interesting April - this makes sense and will serve you well into the future.

Brooklyn - cross body bags are so good for a walking lifestyle, I do have one satchel that I love but I pull it out for certain types of occasions.

Irina - interesting about the sweatshirts, and what picqued your interest here after a break?

The Cat - not as much need for shopping that's for sure when you are largely at home. I haven't shopped much this year except for sportswear (which I have added quite a bit).

La Ped- I can understand with the swimsuits. I have three plus one bikini and they all suit different occasions from pool swims to kayaking to the ocean beach. I might update my bikini pants this year as I still like the top but the pants feel a bit skimpier than I would like.

kkards - go the gear - me too! And the reduction in blazers is interesting - it seems one of the common one people aren't wearing as much. I wonder moving forward if this will change?

Phoebe - I am with you on the short sleeve tees and chunky knits!! What made you go back to jeans?

Janet - yes such a move to smart cool casual practical footwear across the board isn't there. I think a lot of us used to dress up jeans with heels (boots pumps or sandals) and now dress down trousers or dresses with sneakers or casual flatforms...

Cat2 - good to wear out your older pieces. Shows they were a good choice.

LisaP - I think we have both decided that basic tees are not for us! I have a couple of adidas or similar sports gym or walking tees that I like, but no more cotton ones to wear casually for me - there are other options now!

Angie - I think I could have picked your list except for the blouses. Is this because they are too hard to layer to keep warm?

ChewySpaghetti - definitely a move to the warm side!

NemosMom - in my case it is style preferences and realising that chunky knits and short sleeve tees are not harmonious with my shape. I really love them - but I will leave them for you!!

Helena - there has been great availability of these type of pieces and I have also added a couple. Makes being active easier and feeling more pulled together the rest of the day.

Style Fan - I think there have been some great softer button downs that suit you so well - not as preppy as maybe they used to feel? I added one this year and like it on me too after not buying any for several years.

DonnaF - it sounds like nicer gear has had a great side effect... cotton tees don't cope well with exercise on the hottest of days do they?

Sloper - I am interested in the scarves too - I decided I needed to wear my existing ones rather than just keep on adding them..... and the ones I have seen and liked have felt very pricey. I know that they also can be very good value.

bj1111 - do you think spike heels will come back? I own two pairs that I still wear - but can't see myself adding any more. I wonder what 20 year olds think - will they wear them or are they too used to comfort?

Staysfit - sounds like a style tweak rather than lifestyle has led these changes? Is that right?

Mary- beth - you are on a plan and I like it!! I think if people love high heels there must be good choices available on sale, Ebay and at thrift now.

Greyscale - I have my own

moratorium on a few things (party dresses, blouses, and I have only just allowed sandals off the list).

Ginger - quite a change really, and I can understand why this is right given the working from home situation. And I hope you will share what you make with the fabric at some stage - and why less socks?

@Sal, when I get rid of mine, two months later all the mags will have glossy spreads on the femininity of spike heels —so much better than the ugly birkies trend of the pandemic era.

*eye roll

Don't we know it bj1111!!

Sal, I got on the gear train last year when everyone was buying sweatshirts and sweatpants like where is no tomorrow. I bought a black, oversized one for my daily walk and a beige one for WFH as well as a white from BR but I returned that one. They feel bulky and I don’t find them warm.

Yes I get that Irina. I only have one really, a hoodie, which I mostly wear to and from the gym or occasionally for lounging.

Sal, you have me pegged! Yes to the reason I am not buying many blouses.

Hi Sal! The reason I'm not buying socks is because I've got a lot, and I'm wearing them less so I'm not wearing them out. I wear socks with jeans and leggings, but since I switched to sock-weight tights with my primary outfit, that's what I wear more of. (And I did wear a hole in one pair and had to mend them!)

Sal, I have found some softer button-ups. I use to find button-ups hard to fit but not now.

Pleased that is working Style Fan.

That makes sense Ginger.

Angie - I can be tempted here too!

Sal, I just noticed your question re scarves. I wasn’t going out much, and yes, scarf/mask busyness is a thing.

Yes that makes sense JAileen. For me I have discovered I only really like scarves for warmth. I do have a couple of pretty silk ones that get worn occasionally but it is rare.