What are three things you are buying more of?

For me, casual - I mean non- gear - sneakers (used to have one pair, now have four), bags ( used to have one or two and now have six) and woven camisoles. The camisoles are great under blazers and solo in the heat of summer. I own three and would consider one or two more.

What have I cut back on or stopped buying?

Short sleeve tees ( down to one aside from gear tees worn for exercise), chunky knits (none) and jewelry (I still own lots but I seem to have stopped adding it).

The tees and chunky knits don’t make me feel elegant any more. I love them on others but have moved on for myself. And the jewelry - I think it is that I don’t get much wear from it and so much is poor quality. I like gold and artisan pieces are expensive….. I may go back to adding more jewelry in the future.

I need to pause on the bags now…. I might add one more pair of casual sneakers if I find the right pair featuring green - to match my bag!! And there are two in my collection showing some wear…

How about you - anything you used to buy regularly that you have stopped adding - or what are you adding more of? I suspect casual sneakers will feature strongly!!