A black blazer is an absolute ESSENTIAL in wardrobe - for all seasons.
My current blazer is starting to show some wear and tear and so I'm on
the look for a replacement. I have tried on pretty much every petite
blazer available through The Bay. I found a beautiful fit on one but
alas it was in a wool blend that itched my neck like crazy. And unfortunately the black blazer I currently have which I would like to duplicate, I have not been successful in finding again in my size. So onward...

Denise (Cocolion) recommended this one from Express as she has it and indicated it works well for us short torso gals. It's not a true petite but would fit like one I suspect and the ruched sleeves is perfect for me - I scrunch my sleeves all the time anyway and with ruched sleeves, no concern about them being too long.

So thoughts anyone? Good replacement for my classic blazer? Also if anyone knows, would this be TTS? I'm not familiar with sizes with Express blazers so any advice would be greatly appreciated